Food Coaching

Learn how to simplify the art of eating healthy in a way that works best for YOU.

Why Invest in a Coach?

The answer is simple. Change is hard! -especially when we are trying to change our eating habits. With all the conflicting knowledge that exists surrounding healthy eating, it is difficult to ascertain what works best for your body. Too many people spend their entire lives chasing what they envision to be their healthiest and happiest selves with great difficulty and without feeling satisfied by the results. So, what makes change easier? - having someone available to you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to make change happen. If you are someone who is overwhelmed and confused by the prospect of living a healthier life, consider giving yourself a break and let me guide you to the finish line.

Whats included:

Initial consultation

Personalized and detailed meal plan with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Personalized weekly fitness recommendations

Weekly scheduled sessions either via Face-Time or phone

Daily e-mail correspondence to answer questions and address any immediate concerns