“Let me guide you on your path to a life-long relationship with wellness.”


As a certified personal trainer and Integrative Health Coach, Lex is committed to simplifying the complex world of wellness through rooted yet innovative health practices. With a background in personal training in New York City, cycling instruction in Berlin, experience in the food industry and a lifelong passion for healthy cooking, Lex has developed the knowledge and skill set needed to guide her clients to success. She believes that taking an individualized approach to create a plan and routine for her clients is the key to meeting their unique needs, while preparing them for a lifelong, sustainable relationship with wellness. 

Note From Lex

Having lived in Hong Kong, New York and Berlin, I have always been on the move, yet my focus on eating healthy and staying active has remained constant. Having battled with digestion, skin and hormonal issues for years, I have made it my mission to decode the complexities of what it takes to feel and look your best. Throughout my years of experience in the industry, I have witnessed so many people across the world push themselves to their physical limits as well as try every diet and detox in the book without seeing the results that they desire and deserve. In a time where our brains are absorbing more health-related content than ever before, many of us still feel bloated, are losing money instead of pounds, and are more confused than ever on how to feel and look your best. Although I am in no way discouraging these efforts, I have truly found that the answers are more simple than everyone thinks. Of course, you can substitute with gluten free bread and add charcoal to your smoothie, but these are not solutions that will make a real difference. I firmly believe that taking a stripped-down, holistic approach is the best way to achieve success in a enjoyable way. I teach my clients to make healthy living a lifestyle that you can enjoy, breaking the cycle of unsustainable plans that are set up to fail. Let me guide you on your path to a life-long relationship with wellness.